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Vitamin A Rich Vegetables Instead Of Accutane

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I was wondering if increasing my intake of vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin A could provide the same healing effects/cure sought for in using Accutane. Accutane is, after all, Vitamin A pills, no?

Has anyone tried anything of the sort? Internally and/or externally? (For pimples, spots and reddish patches, not ance)

If so, do share your experience =) Thanks a bunch in advance

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Unfortunately the Vitamin A in vegetables has to undergo a few steps to become usable by your body. In certain unhealthy individuals, this conversion may not function correctly. If you're looking to increase Vitamin A, don't bother with plant sources. Certain animal foods (particularly organ meats) provide the Vitamin A you need in its most easily absorbable form.

Accutane is not Vitamin A. Accutane is a Vitamin A derivative. It's like Vitamin A's schizophrenic cousin.

I've supplemented with Vit A in the past (retinyl palmitate) and saw good results, but vit A supplementation should be done for long-term on a LOW dose, rather than just cramming in as much synthetic Vit A as possible. However, its still ideal to get your vit A from food sources.

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They will help, but there are other nutrients you should also consume to improve the retinoids and other receptors in your skin that accutane affects. Theres some info and links on this in the linoleic acid thread.

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Thank you so much for all the kind feedback. Perhaps drinking a green smoothie daily will work in that direction?

And for those who have taken Vit A supplements/Accutane, may I know if eczema/dry skin breakouts occur in most individuals? Or just a few? Oh and is the rumor about Accutane causing mental depression as well as memory loss common? I'm curious as to whether those are just coincidental theories of the sort?

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