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Good Face Washing Techniques?

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Hey guys I got off accutane about a year ago next week and though im not 100% clear all of the time I would say I am probably 90-85% on a bad day.

So not unbearable by any means, definitely glad I did it up to this point.

My doc has me on adepelin (differen) in the evenings and Clindamyacin 2x a day. Basically one in the AM one at mid day and one at night. My question is is there any good face washing tips or face washes that you guys could share. I currently use neutrogena deep clean and moisturize with cetaphil. I was 2x a day unless i work out than i do three cause I shower off.

My problem is that I seem to break out in a localized area on the right side of my chin. any reasons why this might happen? does dry skin cause the breakouts cause i definitely have dry skin in that area.


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I like to lather the cleanser, spread it onto your skin, then very gently, just give it a little circle all over your face, although dan reccomend you just spread it on for 8 seconds or less, I dont personally think it's enough and doing this defiantly sloths off the BP and stuff, while somewhat helping dry skin, by getting the flakes off, although nothing beats the jojoba oil method.

I don't know what could be causing your dry skin, my guess is that on your chin area your mouth is always moving, i get bad dry skin bottom left and right of my nose because it stretches and stuff.

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