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Alison xxxxx

Just When You Think It Will Never Go ...... It Does!

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I am a 34 year old female who has suffered with acne and facial rashes since childhood. My skin was beautiful (doll like even!!!!) until I reached 17 and then the cysts started to erupt!!

I spend hours crying in private and I spend money on all the new skin products that promised to get rid of spots........ Nothing worked!! If anything my skin got drier, redder and more spotty!!

It hurt me loads to hear a close friend refer to

me as her friend with spots!!

At the age of 20 I booked myself into see a dermatologist and was prescribed roaccutane , I can't remember how long exactly I was on the tablets for but I do know it took a while for the tablets to work!! But when they did the results were amazing ! At 21 my acne was finally gone!

I started to live life properly , I even got married!!! Spots still came and went but my cysts were finally behind me ....... Or so I thought!!!

At 29 the acne returned , a whole lot worse than I had when I was 17!! I was devasted! My social life was gone due to embarrassment, I cryed myself to sleep and I couldn't believe how unfair life was to do this to me again!

I went back to see the same dermatologist as I had in my early 20's and once again got another course of accutane!!

This time my treatment took a long time to work, at times I thought I was stuck with my horrible face! I lost my confidence and friends commented i never came out anymore!

That was 5 years ago!

After 30 weeks of treatment and about 4 months after this treatment I became acne free, I still am!!

I have used just about every cleanser , moisturiser, face wash, make up, you get my point!!!

But I just want people to know don't give up , it will go!!!

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