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Where Can I Go Now?

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iv suffered from acne for year but the last 3 months have been awful! i went to my gp who put me on duac cream. She told me i had to use it for at least 8 weeks before id notice a change. Nothing changed. Then she putme on a high dosage of flucloxacillin. 4 per day for ten days.. iv noticed a slight change but my skin is still red, puffy and if its not spots its scars everywhere. Does anybody know where i can go from here. My gp surgry doesnt have much money and i think its unlikley they will refer me to a dermotologeist. Or\will they? does anyone know how the referal system works? or does anyome know what i could possible suggest to my gp as a next step? HELP!

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Are you from the UK? I don't think it costs your GP anything to refer you to an NHS derm - you should definitely push them to do so. If they won't then you could register with another GP - are there other ones in your area that you could go to?

With acne you have to battle it out until you find the right type/combination of treatment that works for you. Give everything that is prescribed to you a really good chance to work - at least 8 weeks. Don't skip around from one product to another, or you will end up very confused!

Go back to your GP and ask what the next step is - it's encouraging that you have seen a change with the current medication but don't expect immediate success - it takes a long time for your skin to recover!

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Grrrr --- I wish primary docs would stick to what they know best and refer people when needed. I'm sorry you are having to battle with your GP to see a derm. But if you are an adult with chronic acne that is getting worse then this is beyond what your GP can help with and he/she may make it worse by trying to use treatments designed for teenage acne. You need to see a derm to rule out rosacea or other things similar to acne. Treatments vary according to what is actually happening and only a derm can know this.

Demand to see a derm. Where do you live (US or Europe)? If you are in the US and have insurance then call the insurance company and see if you can go to a derm without a referral. If not, then continue to haggle with your GP. Call everyday and see another GP if needed. Some GP's get kickbacks for not referring. This is awful but it happens. Others are just ignorant about adult acne.

Be assertive and ask your GP why he/she won't refer you. Get answers. Heck...we're adults and deserve to be treated with respect. Adult acne is not like teenage acne. We scar easier and the emotional toll is greater because of societies expectations and bias towards clear skin. We deserve to get adequate treatment so that we can function in this world!

I'm going on a rant here but it just makes me so angry that adult acne sufferers are not treated with the same respect as say people suffering from psoriasis, etc. They get referred without a problem. Why is acne different???

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i agree with you so much CVD! Well said. I don't see why people with psoriasis get more attention than us with adult acne. I fully agree.

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