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Has Anyone Ever Tried Bianca/ziana?

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I've been prescribed Bianca topical gel (also known as Ziana, apparently) by my doctor, and it's a combination of 1.2% clindamycin and 0.025% tretinoin. I was afraid right as soon as I read there was tretinoin in it, as the dreaded news of acne flare-ups always frighten me. Also not keen on getting any major flare-ups that last for a while, as I'm graduating from this school soon so I can go to high school /i'm young/.

My doctor says that this gel is one of the best, though I don't fully rely on what she has to say as she seemed rather unsure when it came to the symptoms, effects, etc.

After reading through the pamphlet, I'm actually rather excited to try this because the side effects were the generic redness, sunburn, skin discoloration, headaches, etc. and that doesn't faze me, only the purging and long-lasting breakouts do.

I'm going to assume that the tretinoin will be working on my skin cells and the clearing of my acne, while the clindamycin deals with any of the bacteria popping up from this clearing.

As always, the first thing I do upon getting a new medication or product is to search it up online. I have not found ONE thing on Bianca. There is HARDLY anything on the net for me. I've watched one video on YT, and read the general information but otherwise, there are no reviews or personal experiences posted whatsoever so I'm a little afraid to try it, even, but the YT video shows the girl having good results.

Here is some information I've found:


  • A new clindamycin-tretinoin fixed-dose combination gel is available.

  • Applied once daily.

  • Two randomized, double-blind, controlled trials8 of 2219 subjects compared the combination clindamycin-tretinoin hydrogel with each agent alone and gel vehicle for the treatment of acne vulgaris. The studies both showed statistically significant superior efficacy of the clindamycintretinoin combination over either agent alone or vehicle in reducing the number of inflammatory and noninflammatory lesions and inducing near or total clearing of the skin, with good tolerance.

  • This formulation should be not be used for maintenance therapy and use in conjunction with a BPO product is recommended to limit antibiotic resistance.1"


In the first study of the combination therapy, over 87% of users showed no complications. It did not cause the skin to flake and peel and it did not cause excessive redness, swelling, or itching in most users. When the combination did cause problems they were usually immediate. About 7% of users got sunburn. About 1% of users had a sudden flare of even-worse acne, probably because the clindamycin killed all but antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which then had no competition from other germs and no control from clindamycin. About 1 in 80 users turned out to be allergic to the drug, and about 1 in 100 experienced rawness where they applied the gel. But nearly everyone got some control over blemishes in just one week."

If there is anyone who's tried Bianca on here, let me know please.

For those of you who have received the prescription, I'll make sure to post my results with this product either on a log or make occasional updates here if I can.

I'm also going to be using Minocycline, though I'll keep you updated on both.

Thanks! Hopefully this'll work out.

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Hi, i think i posted on another post of yours - i was on Ziana for 3 months and did a log on it with pictures. It is VERY mild and if you take the recommendations and start slowly, you should be fine. You may get an initial flare up which is quite normal so don't panic if you do. That regimen did not work for me but perhaps you'll have better luck. Ziana logs are limited so it is great that you will be starting one.

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Ive been on Ziana for about 7 weeks now.

For the first two weeks I looked amazing, all over too!

Now I dont look great but I dont look awful.

I dont look worse than what I did before though, so thats good.

Im giving it the full 12 weeks before I start getting upset, but so far its nothing to complain about.

For some reason its not really doing the trick for my lower part of my face though, so ive started using Tazorac .1% gel on just the bottom third of my face. It seems to be helping a bit more than the Ziana.

I also use a clindamycin wash dabber in the morning for spot treatment as the Ziana (or any retnoid for that matter) will bring all my nasty gunk to the surface and can become very inflamed (i.e. turn into a cyst) if I dont use a topical antibiotic and try not to pick at it.


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