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Advancement In Dermarolling?

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Hi Guys!

I just read about the Dermapen which is supposed to be an advancement in mirconeedling - finer needles etc. - just wondering if anyone out there has had this procedure done. Thanks!

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Hey, well i have a dermatologist, she said once my acne has gone, then she can start using it.... So it must be a well used thing. But when i turn 16 she said she can use laser!

Hope that helped

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I believe Liquid Ocelot uses one, if you want to shoot a message his way.

Owndoc did a review of one, and it doesn't seem fantastic. http://owndoc.com/de...rma-pen-review/

Hi thanks for the reply - owndoc doesn't actually review the dermapen, just a similar device...this pen is sold only to Dr.s and is an in office procedure. When I go to the dermapen website www.dermapen.com, the technology seems sound and the before and afters are impressive but aren't they always??????? Hoping someone out there has had this procedure done by a Dr.....thanks!!!

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I believe that's a low quality replica they reviewed. The real dermapen is not plastic to begin with, so there's your first warning.

I also had concerns about the needles ripping through the skin since your moving the device across the skin so naturally I tested the device on something other than my face before using it. I took a sponge and placed a black piece of paper over it (make the holes more visible) and then used the dermapen over it. The holes were as expected, no rips or tears at all. However, obviously there are some intricacies to using it. For example, you never hold it in the same place. You have to make sure you're moving it around the skin at all time. I found that circular motions gave the most even coverage.

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