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Oily Skin To Chapped (Won't Go Away)

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I am a teenager with normal to bad acne. I have had immensely oily skin my entire life. But this weekend, in a softball tournament, my skin started becoming super dry. I never sunburn, so that is not it. I used this tinted sunscreen that I have used before, but that should not affect my skin. On Saturday afternoon, I noticed some dry spots circling from my temples to the middle of my cheekbones, so I applied moisturiser. Sunday, I wake up, put on moisturiser, feeling chapped on chin with same as Saturday. Sunday night/Monday, whole face entirely chapped, even under eyes. I have applied moisturiser at least twice a day since Saturday, the dry skin is just getting worse. I have chapped skin over my acne, too.

I am starting Accutane next week, so this is not supposed to be happening until then.

My skin has been super oily forever, up until now. I wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of what is going on and how to heal it.

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First, I'd wait a couple weeks and see if it goes back to normal. Second, I wouldn't rule out sun damage. Even the darkest skin types can get sun damaged, even if it doesn't seem like it

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It would probably help to exfoliate your skin with a good face scrub to get rid of the dry, dead skin, then apply a light moisturizer that will not add oil, just moisture to the skin layers to replenish what has been lost. It sounds like you have been either overdoing on a drying agent to address the oil or overexposed your skin to the sun, which only forces the skin into overdrive to product more oil. PearlFeather, I am a licensed esthetician and I used these products on teens who are my clients. When the dead skin is gone, I suggest using a bentonite clay mask which will absorb the oil and bacteria on your skin. Follow this with the light moisturizer. Use the clay mask at least once a week and more if you don't get too dry.

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