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Retin-A Gel And Increased Oiliness?

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I finished up my third course of Accutane in January, and over the last couple of months, my oil production has steadily increased (probably made worse by the recent and horribly humid weather of the East Coast). I usually find that a couple hours after washing my face, I begin to get shiny (mostly my lower forehead, nose, cheeks/cheekbones, and chin).

My regimen is really simple, I wash morning and night with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub), moisturize with Pond's in the a.m. and apply Retin-A Micro gel in the evening. While I do experience some dryness, it's improved a lot since I started using the gel in January. Has anyone else noticed an increase in their oil production while on Retin-A? I expected a great deal of dryness (especially since my skin became painfully and dangerously dry while I was on Retin-A cream - I was told a switch to the gel would mean even more dryness, but my reaction to it was pretty mild), but I did not expect much oiliness. If you have experienced this, how do you decrease shine and regulate your oily skin? Thanks so much for any advice/recommendations!

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I use differin and it makes my face oily. But just wondering why do you use Retin-A? Did your acne come back after 3 rounds of Accutane?

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some dermatologists like to prescribe retin-a even after you finish your accutane course for the sake of "maintenance" so deep down they know that accutane doesn't always cure acne.

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