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My bacne, chest acne, and facial acne help? (pics)

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ok well here are some pictures of my acne disorder ive been struggling for about 4 years and have lost about 30 pounds which seemed to help out alot but im wondering what else can i do its going away but i want to keep the results and speed it up! and get rid of redspots and scarring my biggest problem is black heads that are currently infesting me :'( I WANT TO GO SWIMMING IN PUBLIC THIS SUMMER!!!

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to tell you the truth, your acne isnt that bad. Your face looks pretty good. Then i saw your chest, its not bad.. but i no how it could ruin you in the summer. I was so afriad of summer, since im a Jr. Teen Bodybuilder.. i dont want to be wearing a shirt, i want to show off my body haha so i decided to go on accutane in may, by July 15ish, (chest was always fine) back was so so, shoulders were horrible, it was all cleared up. Then for the red marks, i used a topical tanning solution that we use in bodybuilding competitions. It stays on in water to, and doesnt even come off on your towel. I did that wen i was in aruba, because i wanted to be flawless. I would try going on accutane, around aprilish to be clear all summer, with not havin to worry bout it during summer. BTW accutane didnt affrect my skin, in the sun, just use a strong sunscreen, and put lotion on at night, you'l be fine all summer. i was on 80 mg a day all summer.

if you want to no where u can get those tanners.. just let me no, there a hugge help. There cheap to.. like 10$ for a month, and theres really on 2-3 months in the summer, 30$ to get your summer back is def worth it.

So basically, i used accutane to clear my acne, and the tanning topical to cover red marks.

Accutane+Tanning Solution=Perfect summer full of swimming, and wearing not shirt in public.

BTW.. im sry man, i no how u feel, id sit there before i was clear, just wanted to cry, cause my other bodybuilding freinds would walk round with no shirt, while girls said how nice bodys they had, and i wouldnt take off my shirt.

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