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2Nd Time On Accutane - Not As Effective (Is It 'cause I'm On Generics This Time?)

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Howdy folks,

I'm F, 29 & from UK.

I was on a round of Accutane in 2009 which lasted about 4 months; it should have been longer but my derm was awful and told me to stop after 4 months which I didn't argue (I'm not the Doc, right?) as I'd cleared up so well. Surprise, surprise, it came back 6 months later.

Since then I've tried lots of other things to avoid the inevitable (plus I've moved a lot and the process for getting Accutane on the NHS is sooooo long, but I guess at least it's free). In the last couple of months my skin got pretty bad, I had 3 awful cysts and a lot of neck/jaw line big sore spots.

So, now I'm back on it but strangely things aren't happening the same way;

The first time I was on it I was on 35mg of Roche Roaccutane and within a week or two I stopped breaking out. No IB, and I could tell my skin was very dry in places (thighs, temples, nostrils, upper cheeks etc) where it was never before.

This time I'm on the generic Accutret, I weigh about 5Kg more than I did then (booo!) and am on 40mg p/d. It's now been over 3 weeks and I'm still breaking out. Yes, my skin is less oily and my lips are dry. But I'm getting 3-4 new spots a week (they are small ones, but develop white-heads and you know how awful spots get when squeezed and on 'tane, my face is dotted with crusty red things).

In short, I'm just not seeing the benefits yet, and my skin definitely isn't as dry as it was the first time. Could I have developed a resistance? Is my dosage too low? Is it because this drug is generic?

I'm starteng to debate whether it's better just to try a new birth control pill instead. At least when I was off accutane my spots healed quicker!

Thanks for reading xxx

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the only difference i remember being from name brand was shelf life, referring to a study that had been done evaluating all manufacturers.

that is the only difference between name brand and generic accutane, otherwise it contains the same chemicals.

here's how a patent works: if you are the author/owner of the patent, you are granted a temporary monopoly, only you have the rights to produce advertise and manufacture it and sell it for a given set time, once that runs out, anyone is allowed to do the same without prosecution, and the purpose of filing a patent is for the publicized instructions to be available for anyone to create it, for the sole benefit of society. therefore, all the instructions to create and manufacter it precisely the same way is within the patent itself, there may be slight differences in materials and some processes, but they are usually insignificant.

i also remember reading that the original manufacturer is no longer making accutane, so that may another reason you are on generic, but the company denies it is related to the recent increase in lawsuits pertaining to the drug, ummm yea right hey?

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