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40 & Still Battling Acne!

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I'm 40 years old and have been battling acne for probably almost 30 years!!! I'm starting to feel really bad about how I look. I look around and see all these beautiful clear faces on other women my age. What do they know that I don't?!

Sadly my 9 year old daughter is now starting to develop a few pimples. I really want to figure out something that works so I can help her not have to battle acne all her life like me! I usually get pimples on and around my nose & chin and right now I have even more than usual. I have little ones all over my forehead and a handful of big ones on my neck and even some behind my ears!!! Some of the things I've tried in the past are BP, SA, Proactiv, Differin, antibiotics, etc. I currently have 2 prescriptions I haven't filled for dapsone/aczone & tretinoin/Retin-A but not sure I want to do more prescriptions.

Any suggestions for what I should be doing? I'm also thinking about trying natural alternatives since nothing else has worked. Anyone have something that worked on their adult acne? I'm getting overwhelmed with all the choices! What is/are the best choice(s) for me? What is a good routine (including soap, natural cleanser/mask, moisturizer, make-up, etc.)? How long should I expect to see results?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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your thinking is wrong, acne is not "default" state that you should try and "fix" with creams or antibiotics or other bullsh1t.

there is a CAUSE, a TRIGGER, for you acne. what kind of trigger?a specific food/s. for me, gluten+dairy+cashew+almond break me out.

here is a list of a possible food acne triggers:







critic acid [rare]

avoid the list above for 1 month, and i assure you, your face will clear up, and your daughters also.

get in: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/315325-this-is-how-i-cured-my-cyst-acne/

look especially on the "food part".

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It doesn't look like you have tried Accutane yet. Perhaps look into it if you are not planning on having kids at the time.

It might be just the thing you need.

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I agree with the poster who mentioned food allergies. Acne is a symptoms that something is internally wrong. I never would have guessed that I had any food allergies but it has been my answer to stopping breakouts. I've only suffered from acne for 10 years which pales in comparison to 30! You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Avoid all the things the above poster mentioned which are the most common allergens. When you get clear, add one food in per week and see if it causes you to break out. If not, you aren't allergic to it! If you breakout, avoid it for a while. You aren't technically "allergic" to these foods, just intolerant. Most food intolerances come from an imbalanced gut flora which causes leaky gut and the body mounts an immune response to those foods that have ended up in the bloodstream. If you avoid your intolerances and heal your gut, over time you might be able to eat past intolerances again. That's my theory anyway! Good luck!

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Hi Jenn

I've also suffered with acne for decades. Several things totally cleared me up...and I am totally clear now. Accutane kept me clear while I was on it and for several years after. Full strength antibiotics kept me clear but I can't and don't wish to take them forever! Nothing else by itself kept me clear. BP stopped the cysts but I still broke out in pustules. Salicylic acid broke me out more. Going totally natural kept down inflammation but I still broke out in cysts. Allergy diet and anti-acne diets helped keep down inflammation but I still broke out. And I followed these things faithfully. I tried using only natural products but still broke out. I must emphasize that I am diligent about my skin so I feel that I have given these options a fair try.

What is working for me is the following regime. It is complicated but I have a very resistant and chronic case of acne (I'm 61). First off seeing a well known and respected derm has made a huge difference. All the other derms I have seen treated my acne as if I was a teenager which did not work with my aging skin.

Here is my regime. I have to do all the parts of it to maintain clear skin. I now have 100% clear skin.

1. Allergy Diet --- I got formal testing. If you are older this is a must since trial and error may not pick up what you are really allergic to. This is the mistake I made when trying to eliminate foods on my own. Taking a really excellent high dose probiotic is important too. I take specific suppliments that compliment my allergy diet and include 30mg of zinc picolate for my skin.

2. Monthly Microdermabrasion --- Opens the pores and prepares the skin to accept medications. People with resistant chronic acne have pores that clog up easily and stay plugged up despite cleansers, etc. This is well worth the money...plus less wrinkles!

3. BP Cleanser --- (A.M. routine) This is easier on the skin that a BP topical and works just as well if the right brand (see below). Plus there is little if any bleaching of fabrics.

4. Cleocin-T Solution --- (A.M. routine) This is like a toner but has antibiotic in it that kills acne bacteria. This really works...I am amazed. You use a bit extra of it on any remaining zits to heal them up quicker. It feels cooling on my skin. I love it.

5. De Vita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ --- I have searched forever for a sunscreen that doesn't break me out. This is the only one. The 19% Zinc Oxide is very soothing to my skin and seems to heal it. It is specially formulated for skin prone to breakouts and goes on matte, not oily or shiny. I use this morning and night. Research is showing that using it at night helps build up the zinc in the skin to help protect it better during the day.

6. Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar --- (P.M. routine) This is very gentle and prepares my skin for the tretinoin cream.

7. Generic Tretinoin Cream .1% --- (P.M. routine) This helps restructure the pores and also takes care of wrinkles!

8. Spironolactone 100 mg --- This helps block androgen receptors in the skin so that androgens are not available to inflame things. I will be reducing this dose next fall. The ultimate goal is to not take oral drugs and only use topicals but this takes a lot of experimenting to get just the right mix of topicals, etc. My derms thinks we can do this by maintaining the monthly microdermabrasion + BP cleanser + Cleocin-T Solution. We will start eliminating the oral drugs later this year.

9. Oracea --- This helps reduce inflammation. It is a low dose doxy that is not an antibiotic but only an anti-inflammatory so it doesn't upset natural gut enzymes and flora. I could probably stop taking this now but my derm wants me to wait till Fall. He has a whole protocol for dealing with chronic acne...it is slow but he says it works...just takes patience and time.

Doing the above routine has been hard...so much to remember...but it is working and my skin is clear. It is as clear as it was on accutane which is a miracle. Hope this helps!

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