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I've been a member of this site almost since I first got severe acne when I was 14 years old. I'm 23 now and have gone on and off this site for years. Funny thing about scarring is that you will feel fine about them sometimes and all it takes is one bad day to have you feel self-concious about them again. I've decided that I'm going to make a final desperate push to get some REAL improvement in my scars.

I've had 4 treatments of the Fraxel restore, which produced very minimal improvement at best and then one treament of Fraxel repair, which is basically a C02 laser in intensity. It left my skin very red for about 6 months and again saw little improvement, but this time i'd say maybe 15-20% if i'm being generous. With my hours and hours of research I've come up with two treatments that look promising: One is called TCA cross and is best used it seems for small ice picks and the other is punch grafting. Punch grafting is basically when they use a punch tool to cut out scar tissue and then "graft" skin back into the scar site. This skin is usually taken from behind your ear. I have maybe 20 noticeable scars that are all depressed and some are certainly your classic narrow but deep ice pick, while others are depressed, but are definitely wider than a typical ice pick. I'm not sure if these would be classified as "boxcar" scars but they are not really rectangular.

Which is the better treatment in your guy's opinion? Maybe a combination of the two? I wish i could just get over this problem, but seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex simply turn cold when they catch your face in bad lighting is the most disheartening feeling in the world I would only wish acne scarring on my worst enemies.

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Now that I've done a little more research I guess the larger crater like scars that I have would be classified as boxcar scar. No matter how much I look at the different types im still not entirely sure what type of scars I have I think it probably is a combination of ice pick and boxcar. If the wide deep scars that I have are indeed boxcar scars then those are what I want to improve the most. I have a couple bad ice picks, but am mainly concerned with treating these wide deeper scars. I am now pretty confident that TCA cross can indeed vastly improve my bad ice picks, but im truly looking for a treatment for these wide crater like scars. Any ideas?


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