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Hello I was wondering if it is okay to use lemon juice while on the regimen? And if so, when should you put it on and how should it be applied? Like before the cleanser or after or what? And with a cotton ball or something else? I have read a lot of articles saying its fades red marks very quickly and that is basically all I have left so I would really like to try it. Thanks in advance for anyone who helps!:)

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Lemon juice might be irritating depending on how much the regimen is irritating your skin. But in general, topical antioxidants like vitamin C would be very beneficial to acne, especially since with the regimen, you are applying harmful oxidizing agents onto your skin. I'd skip the benzoyl peroxide and apply antioxidants instead. http://www.acne.org/...20#entry2591468

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I stopped using BP cream about 2 months ago, mainly because I wasn't seeing any improvement on my mild to moderate acne, and the dryness, despite intensive moisturisation, was unbearable. BP cream would also cause the red marks to linger much longer than usual. I began to apply daily a mixture of lemon juice, crushed ginger root and tea tree oil - this is a healthy and natural combination of anti bacteria and anti inflammation ... and guess what? The hyperpigmentation is fading quickly and I'm 95% acne clear with promising signs of improving further to 100%.

I wouldn't advise using lemon juice and the Regimen simultaneously. As the poster above says, it would be too irritating for your skin. One at a time. If BP isn't working for you after 6 months, let it go and find another remedy...

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