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Ok so I, as I'm sure alot of you have heard, that swimming frequently get basically ELIMINATE body acne.

So I got to thinking..... what if you dont have access to a pool every day? What about a bathtub? If I sat in the bathtub (with chlorine in it) for... 30 mins every day, and maybe stuck my face in the water as well, it could really help alot.

Soooo to try this I need help. ANYONE with a pool, we need to find out two things.

1. How much water your pool holds.

2. How much chlorine you put in.

Then we can just do some math, and see how much chlorine the avg tub needs. What do you guys think? Stupid or good idea?

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I was thinking of doing that, when I go home for vacations for example, there's no pool there. But on a regular basis, I'd say go for the real thing. I'd rather swim than sit in a tub full of chlorine.

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Intresting,can anybody who goes swimming alot comment on the effect chlorine has on acne in general?.

I know the guy that posted above you says it helps a lot, I remember reading it. Other people have posted in the past too.

I'd rather go swimming, but especially in the cold months thats impossible unless you have a membership to a club or something.

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It's very dangerous guys. Chlorine is a dangerous chemical which should only be handled by experts. If you believe that this is the best method of getting rid of your acne, then go to your swimming pool every other day and have a swim - both combining the whole chlorine thing and exercising at the same time.

But one thing is for sure: chlorine is dangerous and nobody on here should handle it without the correct training.

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You're right, I'll leave the chlorine to the 16 year old pool boy chlorine professionals. Only they know how to use it.

Anyone who would throw a whole chlorine tablet made for a pool into a bathtub is a dumbass. The proper way would be to make the following formula:

W: weight of whole chlorine tablet

P: voume of pool the tablet is designed for

B: volume of your bathtub

X: weight of the tablet you'll need for bathtub (what you're trying to find)


Solve for X. Try not to make any calculation errors because you might die. Even if you do everything according to this formula you still might fuck yourself up, so a good idea would be to call the company to make sure. Don't tell them you'll put that shit into a bathtub, say something like "small hot tub" or something, and ask them how they calculate the amount they need for a particular space.

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a lot of guys at my high school that are on the water polo team have rough, tough skin. its looks like its really rough thats the only way i can describe it and it looks kinda dirty!

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