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Could You Get An Infection For Popping Cysts Acne?

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Warning: VERY disturbing video! Not for the faint!

So I was reading the comments and someone said that the person popping his cyst acne can cause an infection. Um, how could he get an infection? They're using gloves, appropriate tools, etc... They are handling it better than most people would. Like me, when I popped my cyst all I use was a napkin, the only different is that this person is 100 times bigger than mine.

So anyway, can you get an infection? What are the chances? The bigger it is the higher the chances??

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popping pimples can cause infection, even a tiny cut in the skin can get infected. cuz of dirt etc.

BUT, dirt will not cause pimple to develop.

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of course you can get an infection. after you pop it, there is a huge window for your skin to be infected before it scabs over. it amazes me that despite years of information on the subject, people still pop cysts, knowing they will almost never be able to exract the core which is too deep for them to reach, and knowing full well it will scar much worse after doing so.

please, enough of the "if i don't get everything out, it won't heal". the fact is that:

a) that's not true, cysts go away on their own when the cyst wall ruptures inside the skin for unknown reasons and WBC can take care of the infection

b) you will never get it all out by popping it, and will likely only cause more inflammation in the area.

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