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week 3 problems..

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well i'm finishing up the 3rd week of Dan's regimen and now it seems like i'm going to have to start from scratch again mad.gif

i've got oily, acne prone skin and when i break out its everything pretty much , except for cysts. The first two weeks i noticed significant improvement - I still had breakouts but they felt a lot more controlled. During the second week i started to flake a lot when my skin finally started to feel the dryness of teh BP, but the acne felt like it was still on the retreat.

For the 3rd week i changed moisturizers, switching from Neutrogena oil free w/ SPF 15 to the Combination one since the shine was annoying me. I noticed that some of Dan's BP would like, resurface after smearing on the combo skin moisturizer. Eventually though it would disappear after i rubbed long enough.

Well, in the past few days i've had significant increase of blackheads, and a few whiteheads making a rampaging comeback BWWAAAAAH~~

After 21 days, I'll have to confess i did miss like 3 total regimen sessions due to staying up really late and relenting to sleep vs. the regimen. dry.gif but would that be why the blackheads and few whiteheads have made the comeback, or me switching moisturizers?

oh - i have upped my drinking a bit, but have stuck to clear stuff like vodka and gin. not sure if thats relevant but what the hell, i'm lost here unsure.gif

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