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Does Blotting Remove Benzoyl Peroxide From My Face?

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Like the topic asks, will blotting my face remove the BP? I mean how exactly does BP absorb into your skin, is this even possible? Because today I used some jojoba (rubbed it on bp after it dried, then added moisturizer ontop of that). A couple hours later, my face was an oil slick, which is normal with BP/moisturizer for me, and when I blotted the tingling was gone from my face. So it made we wonder if blotting is ruining my regimen work.

Also, when I blotted before WITHOUT using jojoba, the tingling was still there after, even after I blotted several times througouh the day (this is only like day 4 of my starting dk up again). Could rubbing Jojoba into my skin "pull up" the BP, making it ready to cling to my blot sheets?

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Id still like to hear from others, but as a side note, yesterday my face was red at work, at the tingling went away after I blotted the first time, like I mentioned above. But I noticed the redness went away after I cleansed when I got home, so I'm assuming that even if some bp was taken off, it definitely was still on there for my skin to be so irritated and red until washed.

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I don't really think it's possible to remove the BP from your face, as long as you've given it enough time to absorb completely, 30 min or so at least. If you're worried though, maybe try only using the jojoba at night?

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