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Today I'm creating my log for accutane, although I don't actually start the medication until next month. After seeing my derm this week and agreeing that my severe nodular cystic acne has been going on for far too long, she decided that it was time to go big or go home. We both considered other forms of treatment but after 3 months of failed doxy & aczone, she felt that my acne was severe enough that other treatments were just going to end up leading us back to the same result and we would eventually be doing accutane, so why not just start now? I have been registered to the iPledge program, had inital bloodwork & pregnancy test done, which looks well from my interpretation (one of the perks of working in a large medical facility, they encourage us to use our electronic charting access to read our own charts!) Now just time to wait until I can have my second pregnancy test completed and recieve my script.

I must admit, even though I am a health care professional, i was very unsure of the idea of taking accutane, but after some research and speaking to my derm I now feel like this could be something that could potentially help my acne in a good way.

I've had acne since i was about 10, a pimple here or there but mostly had great skin throughout my freshman and sophomore year of highschool, but after i hit junior year my acne started increasing, and shortly after graduation it had increased to deep and painful cysts under my skin. A year later i'm still fighting this battle, dealing with scarring and ready for a new chapter. I'm a 19 year old female who spends most of my time either working in a busy Emergency Department, or at college. Hopefully all goes well and in a few months time I will be able to finally love my skin like I did years ago. I've been told that while on this medication, support is critical so that's why I decided to join these boards, and who knows maybe I'll find a buddy who is on the same schedule I am. I'lll be starting on 20 mg a day for the first month, and my doctor has also decided that I will be taking a months worth of prednisone to avoid an Inital Breakout from the drug.

Wish me luck!

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Hey Sarah! I just started today on 20mg as well. Waiting for that pain in the ass ipledge crap was awful! I understand that they want to warn you about the dangers of getting pregnant, but sheesh! I also have cystic acne--it's the worst! Does yours also take weeks to disappear? So far my only regret is not starting accutane sooner :/ Anyway, welcome to the forums and I look forward to reading your updates when you get your prescription!

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