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Retin A, Greaseface After Makeup?

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Hello everyone!

I've been using Retin A since December last year, and now after continued use I sometimes get breakout and my skin is so sensitive and red all the time. Dryness isn't as bad as as the initial IB phase, but I feel that my whole skin has changed.. it appears thinner so whenever I apply liquid foundation without medium-heavy coverage, it tends to slip off really easily! Thus I can't do tinted moisturisers sad.png

I hate using heavy coverage foundation as it could look cakey whilst building up the coverage level, but I have tried mineral foundation such as Everyday Minerals and it seems to break me out and makes my skin itchy! I used to use this before I used Retin A and it was fine... but now I am trying to stray away from mineral foundations.

Currently I use Vichy Dermablend foundation for a quick layer for medium-high coverage then top it up with Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation...

Also, for those using Retin A at night, do you normally use sunscreen prior to moisturising/applying Makeup? I am still in search for one that doesn't break me out.... I have used Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser - SPF30 but it seems to dry the areas where I apply Retin A and cause a little itch at times.

With that said, any form of Foundation makes my face really greasy and oily after a few hours. I've tried applying Primers but that doesn't work either.

Anyone in the same situation? Thinking of how to battle this.

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Hey there.. I have used Retin A a couple of times, but not long enough to see if my skin would react badly to it. I have heard such great reviews on it, but i have also heard a few bad reviews too, and i think it comes down to the individual.. Using it at night is best, and use a sunscreen in the morning first thing, then apply your moisturizer and makeup.. BEst thing i can do is offer a really great skin care line which is all natural and very moisturizing and anti-aging. They have a sun cream, which has all the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits in it too.. Range is Jurlique, and they have Purely Sun-Defying spf 15 sun cream, also try their finishing powders, Rose is for combination skin and Lavender for dry skin. It's one of the few powders i've tried that dosn't cake or dry out my skin. Might be worth checking out their JurliqueUSA FB page as they often give away free products..

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I apply a high SPF sunscreen before makeup. Neutrogena DryTouch is very comfortable for me.

I only moisturize at night 15 minutes after applying Retin A on clean, dry skin. I think sunscreen + moisturizer + foundation is too much gunk on your face all at once.

I use MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation with their Prep+Prime primer.

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It can take up to a year for your skin to settle down and get fully used to retin-a, so this could be why your skin is still sensitive and red. What strength are you using? If you have sensitive skin you might want to use the 0.025 strength. If this is still too strong there are retinol products like Green Cream that are developed for sensitive skin that you could look into. It sounds like you have a good routine down as for skin care, so that's probably not the issue. I remember when I was using retin-a I got really oily when I first started using it, though I was always oily, but the oiliness decreased the longer I used it. Unfortunately, there is no miracle makeup that will stay on oily skin for a long time. Trust me, when I had super oily skin I tried just about every product out there, and nothing seemed to work the way I hoped. The best thing I found was blotting sheets! I used the kind specially for use over makeup by Clean and Clear. It's annoying to have to constantly blot, but it makes makeup last so much longer and it looks and feels so much better than applying more powder. I also switched out my pressed powders for baby powder. I know, it's kind of weird, but the kind with cornstarch makes your foundation look really matte without looking powdery. I'm not sure if it actually makes foundation last longer, but it does look pretty good. I'd say to just stick it out a little bit longer and see what happens. Good luck!

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