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Is There Any Hope For My Skin?

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This is a current picture of how my skin looks. Is there any hope for me?

I've been suffering with this acne for over 5 years now. Granted, it's diminished in severity, it still remains absolutely awful and I don't know what options there are at this point. My dermatologist prescribed me Tazorac and some other topical creams that I used for 2 years and it managed to help a bit, but overall my skin still looks like this. The only products I'm currently using right now are cleansers, that's about it. I try to drink as much water as I can, and my sugar intake is moderate. What else can I do? What products would you guys suggest for my skin?

And what type of acne do I have exactly? What would it be classified as? How can I clear my skin? Is there any hope?


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do you avoid food that could trigger acne? gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, corn, soy and critic acid? if no, AVOID THEM!

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There's always hope :) Your acne does not look cystic to me but it could be. Because you have had it for 5 years and you cleanse your face etc. it is hormonal. If it is painful then it could also be cystic. Right now you have a million unexplored treatment options open to you.

Some topical treatments to look in to are tea tree oil, benzol peroxide, clindamycin, differin and retin-A.

There is a gel call duac which is a mix of clindamycin and benzol peroxide which is shown to be very effective on a lot of people.

Another thing you might wanna check out is the oil cleansing method which works on the idea that oil attracts oil and draws impurities out of your face.

Basically you cleanse your face with a mixture of olive oil and castor oil... read more at http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/

Different things work for different people so get to work trying out different things, just make sure you give them a couple of weeks to start showing signs of working and remember that sometimes cystic acne is brought to the surface of the dermis when a product is actually working to get rid of your acne so it can sometimes appear to get worse before it clears up.

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My husband's acne looks very similar to yours and the only thing that has helped him is internal. He is vitamin D-3 and vitamin E deficient (quite common in a Westernized diet). We eat healthier than most but couldn't get those vitamins consistently in our meals. It was easier and cheaper for us to supplement with D and E.


Vitamin D-3 in softgel form. Your body won't absorb it well unless it is in a softgel. At least 10,000 IU a day.

NATURAL Vitamin E in softgel form. The natural distinction is important with vitamin E. Your body absorbs natural d-alpha better than synthetic dl-alpha. If you look on the back of any vitamin E container you can tell natural by looking for d-alpha. If it's synthetic there is an "l" in there for dl-alpha.

Vitamin D-3 Gold: http://www.amazon.co...ASIN=B004N8TTBQ

Vitamin E Natural: http://www.amazon.co...ASIN=B004N8TTBQ

I'm not much of a "naturalist" but there are significant, proven effects to the skin from D-3 and E specifically. They are not just vitamins but hormone regulators...and hormones are a major culprit in persistent acne.

I should also mention we both eat dairy-free. This never cured our acne but it definitely reduced it.

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Try cuttin out all dairy!! I did and in weeks my skin was completely clear, i hae one pimple thats healing now and its inky here cuz i git my period (sorry) and now that i quit dairy, they dint get inflamed or painful and thy heal so much quicker!!! Try it!! It worked for me

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