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i want to say is that i browsed this forum for a quite long time, reading every fkn possible cure.... and after 6 years i found it.

so... im 18 years old and i suffered acne since 12. it really destroyed my life and self esteem.... but im not into crying about how acne ruined my life, ill go straight to the point.

ok, first, this site is providing misleading information. in the section "acne myth"-acne not connected to diet? acne not connected to masturbation [or more correctly ejucation], and theres no scientific evidence to this? oh cmon..... BIG FUKING LIE..

what are my triggers? ill tell that in a moment but first, here are food triggers that may cause acne.







critic acid [rare]

so avoid all these for 3-4 weeks just to make sure they are not causing your acne.. and dont run and try and test for allergy, you might be intolarant, simply means your body cant breakdown those foods so it is removing it through the skin. anyway just avoid those possible triggers for a month and your acne 99% will be gone.

my triggers are:dairy, gluten and nuts [altough peanut butter doesnt cause me to break out, cashew, almonds etc break me out in 2-3 days after eating-deep red painful cystic]

so it is quite simple right, just avoid this 3 food types and acne gone, so easy! wrong!

i kept breaking out, yet it was really infrequent breakouts and i couldnt specify any direct trigger, cause 1 month i ate the same, showered in the same water, used the same soap, same toothpaste, same fkn clothes! everything the same! but then 2 weeks i was clear, and the next week i broke out. and it kept going this way. i was very confused.

then i went to familly vacation for 8 days, i havent noticed a SINGLE new pimple on my face. wow, i was happy, untill i broke out few weeks later.

then after like 6-7 month, again family vacation, DANG! NOT A SINGLE NEW PIMPLE DURING THE WHOLE VACATION. then back home... you can guess what happen then lol....

i couldnt understand, what was in those vacations that wasnt when i was home? why did i still had infrequent

breakouts? another food trigger? no, cuz i ate the same thing 2 weeks ago and was clear, so what the fuk??

then it got to me, masturbation... in those vacations i didnt masturbate. at home? every day and sometimes even twice a day! [i was porn addict lol, but not anymore since i found..... keep reading]

so i started googling every possible acne-masturbation [or more correctly ejucation, cuz its the ejucation that causes all this hormone change, or even vitamin deficiency, zinc deficiency. i dont know and dont care, all that matter is that IT CAUSES ME TO BREAKOUT!]. and i found this amazing thread:http://www.steadyhea...t__t119084.html

i read every comment in this thread and in one of the comments someone wrote that when you masturbate you convert testestorone into DHT or other crap, i didnt fully understand it but it sounds really smart lol..... anyway again, the actual proccess that is taking place from ejucation to pimple formation is not really important, is it?

so yea... ejucation causes me to break out, lets say i ejucate a week in a row everyday and 2 days will be 2x times, i break out. but i think its cuz i masturbated SO MUCH all those years, pretty much almost everyday.

maybe if i take some ress i will be able to ejucate more times without breaking out.

now dont think that i say that everytime i ejucate i break out, noooo, if that would have happen. huh.... i dont know what i would do... [maybe cut my dick? or balls...]

they key is: MODERATION

anyway, heres how it goes for me.

1-2 times a week=clear

3-6 times a week=acne

everyday=im a monster

2x times a day for a week=scary zombie [and it is REALLY BAD, im talking about those deep red painful cystic that take at least couple of days to come to a head, all over my fkn face]

and DONT TELL ME THAT EJUCATION CANT CAUSE ACNE, the same way you dont tell to a person with celiac that eating gluten doesnt cause anemia. just because it is not a trigger for YOU, doesnt mean that it couldnt be a trigger for someone ELSE.

so if you are allergic to eggs, i dont tell you to eat eggs cuz look, I EAT EGGS AND IM JUST FINE. same way you dont tell me that ejucating cant break me out.

i dont care if you put me in a cage and i will masturbate daily for 30 days, then i turn into pizza. then not ejucating for 2 weeks, hey im 100% clear!

so thats it, if nothing helps, really, just try to take 2 weeks break from masturbating/sex, you cant lose anything, anything! you can only gain clear skin.

good luck and good bye.

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Wow dude I love you! (I'd wanna say nohomo but that thing is getting old)..

I totally agree with you, however I am more sensitive to ejaculation though. I am actually not putting the risk to ejaculate even just once a week. I am abstaining.

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agree with your post entirely. but it can be the orgasm too that releases dht combined with ejaculation. I wonder if after all these years of chronic masturbation, will it take a while to be completely 100% acne free? I've noticed that if i abstain for 3 weeks or so, my acne subsides but is still present. maybe i will have to go for long term, full abstinence for a year maybe. we will see.

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I can't go a day without masturbating, it's pretty pathetic...

I'll just have to force myself not to.

It's good to learn some self control. The easier way is to make a habit of wearing gloves (fingerless if you want to type). The gloves always remind me not to do it.

I can imagine that ejaculation does have an affect on acne. Perhaps it tricks the body into thinking it's stressed (I know coffee does this a bit).

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actually, an orgasm is proven to cause a peak of freed testosterone in the body, which will directly result in dht, a main contributor to acne.

masturbation can be a real problem considering the availbability of pornography--chronic masturbation is widespread.

and since acne is a hormonal issue for some people, anything that causes a fluctuation in hormones may result in acne

it sounds like an urban legend, and i understand your skepticism but try abstaining from masturbation for at least 2-3 weeks and see if it helps. But its important to note that 7 days after a release is when testosterone peaks in the body

reliable source:

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