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Dry, Itchy Skin, And Eczema.

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My face itches so much! I try to not use my hands to itch, so I use cotton or paper or something, but it doesent help. It itches all the time, since winter. I have really dry skin, and I have lots of red marks that takes like 6-12 months to fade. I get 1-2 pimple every month, but my red marks makes it look like I have severe acne.

Now I am afraid to use any creams or lotions to moistrise my dryyy skin.

I wonder if I can use honey for example, as a facemask once a week, so maybe my skin wont be so dry. But I am afraid my skin will break out, so would you recommend me something natural, and home remedi, that doesnt make lot of pimples. ??

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I can't recommend any home remedies because I never used any, but a little prescription hydrocortisone valerate cream worked for the eczema on my cheeks. It really did help and only took about 2 weeks to make it go away. You can try the over-the-counter cream first but I imagine you will need the prescription stuff if you have been suffering this badly. Prescription Elidel cream may also help. Once you have it under control, make sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer every day and it should prevent the eczema without causing breakouts.

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