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It's My 28Th Birthday :)

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Hello Everyone,

I've been dealing with acne since I was 16 and tomorrow is my 28th birthday. During my teenage years my acne was the worst and as I've grown older it has lightened up a lot. Unfortunately I still get breakouts and they do leave scars whether or not I pop them. I used to use Tri-Luma to lighten acne spots but they pulled it off the market. Now I use a 4% hydroquinone cream that doesn't do justice. More recently I have performed a couple 15% TCA peels from Makeup Artist's Choice. The peels have gotten rid of acne scaring however I have discolorations in my skin that really bother me.

I'm a person that loves swimming and outdoor activities and I hate having to wear foundation just to leave the house!

I also have really dry skin so I use products with moisturizing agents. I use the "Vitamin E" Skincare line from The Body Shop. I really don't use any acne prevention products and when I get a breakout, I apply Burt's Bees Blemish Stick to the area.

My main concern is that I want an even skin tone and reduced darkening of spots... What can I do for a natural glow without makeup?

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Happy birthday! :D My b-day was a couple weeks ago.. but I dealt with complexion blotchy problems until I stopped using all products and went natural, washing with clay mask once a week then only water. Skin will heal itself instead of you stripping it daily relying on the product to do the job. I have dry skin as well, so the more stuff I put on it the more I irritate it. Im like you as well in loving the outdoors, Im outdoors doing whatever whenever I can. After stopping the products my skin was no longer over sensitive, had much better texture and loved the sun instead of hating it because of most acne products being anti-sun exposure.

anyway hope ya have fun on your bday, thats all that matters in the end :)

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