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Accutane,dht,acne,hairloss,mpb,finasteride And Ageing

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i have postulated this theory,now i am not claiming it to be a fact and i am not yet sure if i have made it up all by myself as i might have retained quite a bit of it or may be all of it from some previous posts i have read here,there or anywhere on the web.

we know dht is one of the main culprits behind excessive sebum secretion,we know mpb is attributed to the excessive dht and is significantly halted with the decrease in dht production achieved by finasteride.

now the former manifestation of dht takes place during teens and 20s(for most) and goes down with the age, the latter(mpb) takes place during the comparative latter years in life.and starts from a time which is considered to be "growing out" period for acne sufferer.

from the above two statements could we derive that dht is somehow directed more towards the sebaceaus gland during the early years and gradually shifts its concentration from the sebum production to affect hair loss as in mpb.

does that somehow allude towards the mechanism of action for accutane as of how it halts the sebum production and accelerates mpb in many(i know many people get it as alopecia aerata which has nothing to do with mpb but for many it does)

what do you think or know about it?

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