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Somewhere Between Week 5 And 6 And...errr.... Not Entirely Happy Here

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Okay, so I stuck it out. Through the dryness, and the stinging and itchiness. I made it, and next week Tuesday will mark week 6 for me.

Here's roughly what my journey's been like:

1. BP (5% Benzac AC) for 2 years. Completely clear skin with this treatment. No initial dryness was experienced

2. Decided to get dumb and quit BP...BIG mistake

3. Got on Skinoren (20% azelaic acid)

4. Started breaking out terribly

5. Quit Skinoren after 2 months

6. Finally got back on BP


Week one: A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!! All cleared up!!!banana.gif

Week two: Started breaking out again, mainly on cheeks, face a dy itchy messeusa_think.gif

Week three: Cheeks clearing up, breakouts move to chin. Painful under the skin type pimles ... Itching is a it better now *ouch*neutral.gif

Week four: More of the same, as cheeks improved, chin got worse. Itching and dryness pretty much gone. Clearer places on face start getting tiny bumps *whatsupwiddat*huh.png

Week 5: Chin clears, cheeks start up again, less severely (like one or 2 pimples) but still...overal skin texture not great but I can live with that, tiny bumps still bugging me thoughneutral.gif ...

As far as actual pimples are concerend, I think BP has helped a lot, but at week 5, I was really hoping to be doing a lot better. Mind you all these things are leaving marks, so without makeup my face is an uneven mess, which I can also live with cos I can fix it later, but why has it not completeley gotten rid of the breakouts by now?

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