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So, I'm currently a senior in high school. I had a pretty bad breakout freshman year, so I went to the derm and was put on benzoyl peroxide, epiduo, and clindamycin, with oral antibiotics (tetracycline) for a month or so to get things going. It took awhile, but I finally got my acne under control.

Back in January of this year, I ran out of my acne treatments, and too much time had passed for me to renew my prescription, so I had to make another dermatologist appointment. I was completely clear at the time (well, before running out of stuff). But the problem was I couldn't get in to see my dermatologist at a time that worked for both of us until early February.

So I used only Cetaphil wash on my face, and I got a couple pimples around my mouth and one on my forehead during a month's time, but it really wasn't too bad.

After my dermatologist appointment, I went back on my benzoyl peroxide wash, topical clindaycin, and epiduo. Then my face broke out pretty badly. But I just attributed this to having to go through an initial breakout period again.

Then a month passed. Two months. Now three. And my acne has not improved at all from that "initial" breakout. I keep getting these huge whiteheads on my forehead and my chin (and sometimes along my jawline). My forehead is now just a mass of hyper pigmentation and whiteheads. Why did the same exact acne treatment I was using before make my face go crazy? Is it stress? I've gotten two facials in this three month period--could it be that? Is it my shampoo/conditioner (I use free and clear--no sls)? Hormones?

I don't know but I'm heading to college in the fall and would really like to be clear by then. I'm sorry that this is such a long post but if anyone could help me out I would be eternally grateful. Thanks! smile.png

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Can you take accutane? Or try cutting out dairy to help it a little?

Maybe it is your hormones and they haven't settled down yet. Do you parents have a history of acne? Because some people are lucky and acne is just a "phase".

I also do not think an initial breakout can last any longer than 3 months. I suggest you find another option for your acne. Also, acne products CAN lose their effictiveness. If something HAS worked for your acne, doesn't mean it will work forever.

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