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Movie Butterfly Effect made me think?

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I just finished watching the Butterfly Effect movie that came out a couple of months ago and it really made me think. The plot of the movie has to do with changing one thing in the past and then coming to the present which has been completly changed.

The one question I asked myself after that movie was, what if? What if I had never had Acne, would I be as kind and considerate of others? What if I had stood up to the bully in 4th grade? Would I be different?

What do you guys think?

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i think it all depends on how acne really plays a tole on u emotionally. Everyone is different, some think 2 pimples is CRAZY, and others with severe acne can care less.

But for me, no i dont think my future would be very different. I hope not at least. =P

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Guest Euler

It's a confidence thing. Since my acne has transformed from high moderate to low semi-mild, I've noticed a lot more girls eyeing me up.

But then again, it could be that feeling more confident about my appearance made me sit up and take notice a little more to see?

It's an interesting idea - if we suppose our "natural confidence" is moulded by our long-term exposure to life, then "never having spots" might well have a radical effect on you.

This is not necessarily better. I think if I'd have spent a lot more time in school socialising with girls, and going out lots (I'm 20 now) - I don't think I'd have achieved what I have now, going to a top university and having some pretty damn nice job prospects for the future.

It all depends what you want in life. I see it like this: people who care about appearance so much as to only give you "that second lingering glance" if you don't have spots - would you really want to waste your time with them if you knew this, and were clear?

I, personally, want to find someone who's had a taste of the effects of acne. I think it builds character in a way that a "naturally gorgeous" person could never do.

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One thing about having acne thats good is that it got me started on having impecible skin care.. and that's not something that'll go away. So after my acne is gone.. Im gonna have much better skin then I wouldve if I didnt have acne.. because Im going to continue taking good care of my skin for my entire life. Plus.. it got me started on wearing makeup.. and when I have my makeup on my skin looks better then it probably would if it was perfectly clear.

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Guest Captain Chaos

I've not read all the replies so forgive me if this has been said already..

I think the movie just proves that nobodies reality is perfect, everyone has their problems, whoever you are, whatever choices you make, you'll never make things perfect.

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