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I was wondering if you guys knew of companies that provided yeast, corn, egg, dairy, nut, soy and gluten free supplements?

I been on a strict Paleo (no cheating at all, excluding night shade family, little non-citrus fruit) diet for almost 4 months but still not clear and new breakouts coming. So I am starting to think its the few supplements I am taking- multivitamin, probiotic, magnesium, vitamin d, saw palmetto extrat, that are breaking me out.

I just noticed there is brewer's yeast under other ingredients in my vitamin code multi vitamin. I am starting to think to maybe take out the multivitamin all together. I think it might be a waste of money. I eat pretty healthy. Also, I heard most of vitamin c is derived from corn. And didn't see anywhere on this multivitamin saying it is corn free.

I am wondering if the Now Foods brand is good?

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Now Foods is a great brand, depending on what you get. What is your vitamin D derived from? By that I mean, what type of D does it say on the back? The one I use is a natural source derived from Lanolin (sheeps wool.) It's also Vitamin D3, which is more bio-available.

I'd recommend getting rid of the multivitamin. They're crap. Most are filled with laboratory-made vitamins that our body don't recognize. Eat some broccoli. wink.png

I take this for my acne: http://www.amazon.co...37836298&sr=8-8

Edit: Keep in mind, while I say Now Foods is great, I really do mean it depends on what you get. Synthetic laboratory vitamins are a waste of money and virtually worthless, and more and more studies are confirming that they do more harm than good.

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