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My Marks War

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Lessons learnt

- Never squeeze pimples.

- If you need to leak contents, use a dettolized needle and then poke pimple to leak content. To get rid of remaining contents, use your needle like a rolling pin and go over the pimple. This wont work at all if pimples are raw.

Things used so far


Initially worked when I got marks for the first time and it got rid of them in 3 months. Now, no longer works on me.


Useless! Didnt do any improvement and caused me to have breakouts.

-B&W Hydroquinone cream

This is only useful if you are fair and don't have to worry about hyperpigmentation. Other skinned people should avoid as localized mark removing using Hydroquinone will result in botches all over your face.

-FadeOut cream

Useless! Causes breakouts

- Bravura Glycolic acid 30%. Works but results take time to appear after application. Has definitely reduced the number of marks I have.

- Olay Regenerist night cream - Works only on very dark scars. Lightens them. But, is slowwwww on ligh marks.

- Olay regenrist night renewal elixir

Useless! Not sure what it even does. Didnt notice any difference or side effects by using this. £30 junk ?

- Garnier lemon essences ( tube cream )

Seems to be working somewhat

- Lemon juice

Bleaches skin


Have ordered it.

For facewash, I use Loreal cell detoxifying facewash.

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At the moment, this is the regimen I am following to combat marks :

From early morning till evening while I am at work, I use a moisturizer and then dab on Garnier roll-on which is like liquid foundation and covers my marks.

After I get home, I facewash and then use squeezed lemon juice on my face .. leave it on for 15 mins.

I then wash my face only with water and then apply Olay Regenerist Night renewal elixir on really dark marks. It seems to have a peeling effect .. so when I use facewash the next time, skin in the applied areas whitens up and comes off.

At night before I go to bed, I use Olay Regenrist Night cream. It makes my skin soft and fades the marks and is also excellent in getting rid of hermit pimples.

I have stopped using Glycolic acid as it takes 6 weeks to see results and is very corrosive on the skin. It didn't damage my skin , but I dont need ti anymore.

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OK, my existing regimen wasnt helping. This is what I do now and this has improved things by miles!

Morning ---> Evening : Jhonsons & Jhonsons day cream

Evening :

Facewash with Loreal pearl perfect facewash

Lemon slice scrubbing

Evening ---> Night before bed : Facewash > Apply Mederma twice

Night ---> Apply Mederma once

Morning after getting up ---> Facewash again

Marks have gone down by 90% within 2 weeks of using this,

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add this on your regimen... cethaphil moisturizer, and sunscreen 110spf

Bev, what are the benefits of using Cetaphil over the Jhonson's cream ?

Don't need a sunscreen, am tanned thoroughly :D

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