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Dr Miracle

Possible Approach to a 100% Treatment!

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Has anyone noticed that everytime you start a good treatment it's wonderful at the beginning but within 2 to 3 weeks it stops working and leaves you wondering what the hell should I buy now?

I'm starting to think this is not a coincidence nor a conspiracy to keep us on a search... One would think that bacteria adjusts to these products.... Some may ask "How can bacteria adjust to oxygen?" well, this is practically impossible, however we might be asking the wrong question, how about "how does bacteria adjust to a different environment with exposure to oxygen?" Easily, they dig in deeper into the pores to temporarily hide and cause infection and inflammation or it goes through a process of regeneration which makes the newly regenerated bacteria not so sensitive to these products, responsible for that 3% - 5% acne which makes it impossible for people to get a 100% clear treamtent, no matter what we're using.

It's how every living cell in the world survives, through adaptations and adjustments so this is probably no different, no matter what the case is.


Take 2 or 3 of your best treatments, and switch randomly between them every two weeks... I can almost guarantee that we'll find the missing part in the puzzle...

For those of you that believe some of what I said makes some sense... Please try it out, it cant do any bad if you know these previous treatments...

Here's a suggestion:

Bothcla, AcneFree (Proactive), Acne Cure....

Please post you comments and progress....

I'll keep you updated with any other information I find!

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Alright guys, starting tomorrow I'm on it.. I'll let you know of the progress.... I'm doing

First 2 Weeks:


Second 2 Weeks:

Modified Botchla

Third 2 Weeks:

Acne Cure

I'll let you know how it goes...!

Wish me (us) luck biggrin.gif

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Swiching regimens for me usually results in breakouts. Since my face gets used to one, then drasticly swiching one doesn't do any good. I recomend gradually blending the different regimens together.

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I highly doubt thats going to work. You know that 2-3 week breakout thing your talking about? Thats the acne medication going into work. Its bringing up the pimples that are still in your skin onto the surface of your skin. This is because it takes 2-3 weeks for a pimple to actually form. Notice how you started about 2-3 weeks before the breakout? Wow, what a coincidence. Good luck, but i truly beleive that sticking with a regimen for a long time works a lot better.

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