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Has Anyone Tried Osteopathy To Help Acne?

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I've been dong a lot of reading lately into the psychic Edgar Cayce. He was a psychic who practiced in the 1900's and would hypnotize himself to come up with answers to many health problems for his patients. It may seem a little "out there" but he was way ahead of his time in many medical specialties and his theories are being proven today.

His recommendations for acne: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/holistic_health/data/pracne3.html

Basically, he believed acne is a problem of improper elimination coming from the kidneys, liver and/or circulatory system.

His treatment consisted of:

"Therapy in the case of acne should be directed at bringing about five principal results:

  1. A purification of the vibration of the body forces, which would include a restoration to normal of the thin wall in the intestine.

  2. A correction of the cerebrospinal centers and their vibrations, bringing them back to normal. This would also bring about a coordination of the superficial and deep circulatory systems which is frequently disturbed in acne.

  3. A cleansing of the glands of the elimination system such as the liver, kidney, etc.; a balance of these organs and a correction of constipation and difficulties of the lower bowel.

  4. A diet in accord with the needs of the circulatory and the elimination systems.

  5. Local therapy to aid the skin."

Along with many other things (check the posted link) he suggests osteopathy to restore balance to the circulatory system. I was just reading a thread on this board about how many people with acne suffer from cold hands and feet indicating circulation problems.

"In order to bring the cerebrospinal control centers, the autonomic, and the sympathetic ganglia to their proper condition, osteopathic therapy should be instituted after the salts have been used but should be given only following a short-wave diathermic treatment to the back for a period of approximately 15 minutes over the upper dorsal area. The combination of these two treatments should be used twice a week for a period of seven weeks, then should be left off for one week, then another cycle should be started using the salts again followed by the physiotherapy and manipulation just described. A third course could be utilized later."

So my question is, has anyone had osteopathic therapy done to them, and what was the effect on your acne? My medical plan covers $300 of osteopathic therapy a year and I was thinking about experimenting with Edgar Cayce's recommendations. I am already following a proper diet and trying to restore the walls of my intestine (but I will try his salt therapy to help with that as well.) Has anyone else heard of Edgar Cayce or tried his suggestions?

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