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I got forehead acne when I was 14 and have had it for years. Fortunately, luck hasn't been as harsh to me as it has to some other members on this site, and my pimples were never severe but my forehead was always greasy as hell.

Anyway, I woke up a week ago and my forehead was well.... Not greasy. Did some miracle take place? My acne is going away and there is not a single drop of oiliness to be felt. It's been like this for days and I'm really digging it.

Does this mean my hormones are balanced and puberty is reaching its end?

Even stranger- whenever i ate chocolate or drank pop, id get at least two pimples. Three nights ago, i drank 3 cans of pop, a bottle of jones, a large slushie and ate a ton of cake, all in one day. Not a SINGLE pimple.

So does it mean its all over? How can i be sure?

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Lucky you! I used to just have acne on my forehead, but now it's moved to my cheeks and chin. Have you done anything different?

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Looks like another one came out of the acne phase alive. Congradulations, you won't become one of us. Muahahahah *evil smile*

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