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Stopped Using Differin!

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hello everyone,

I stopped using differin because i saw ZERO result and my face is now 1000% worse than before I started. It has been 13 weeks since i started and i never once saw an imporvement.. i mean maybe just maybe tehre was but from start til now, my face is so bad that I had to stop...

anyways, has anyone used differin then stopped because it hasnt worked?

if so, will your skin go back to the orignal state after stopping differin? The only places where my face is f*cked is on the spots i used differin..

I still have a bunch of bumps on face.. almost 100 MORE than i originally had.. these have been there for over 2 months while on differin so i concluded it does not WORK.

worst mistake of my life.. truely..

any help would be appreciated.. i am so lost and sad..

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It depends on your diet, sleep and all, it worked the first time by 12 weeks I was clear but because I have insomnia and stress about my skin the second time i tried it now at almost 13 weeks I have yet to see improvement....so remember our skin sheds naturally with sleep and nutrients but if you are hardly getting any of these you wont be able to see the extra benefits with differin ...I was so excited for week 12 because of what it did the first time I used it, by week 12 I literally had baby skin ...pores were less visible and my skin was even and glowy ...my second time using it my skin looks bad still..if your diet is bad and you stress and hardly sleep..try adjusting it...nd then see what happens if you haven't come off it yet :)

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