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After 10 Years I've Had Enough.

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Hi there,

When I was 14/15 years old, I got some light to moderate acne on my face/chest/back/arms and I learnt over the course of the next few years that there was no real way to get rid of it, I just had to 'ride it out'. Eventually, by 18, my face and arms were clear. I assumed I'd just grown out of it. However, at the age of 25, I'm still haunted by light acne on my chest and back! and it doesn't seem to be budging.

I have tried everything over the years, my father being a doctor, I've tried pills, antibiotics, things to dry the skin, creams etc. I've tried changing my diet, I've tried washing more/less, I get plenty of sleep, I moisturise my skin regularly, I exfoliate weekly, I'm not stressed, I have a good life etc etc. Ive tried all sorts of regimes and the chest and back acne do NOT want to move.

The only time I can remember my chest and back being completely clear was after 10 days in america a few years ago. This has now recently made me think that my only option to get rid of it is to go on sun beds, despite the health risks.

I've seriously had enough of this now, 10 years is too long for me, I have no idea what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You said after 10 days of being in America. So I assume you dont live in the US. Possibly wherever you live is contributing to your acne. Whether its smog, the dryness, the humidity, whatever it is. Do you consume dairy? If you do, I would cut that out. I would try an all natural approach. Cut out all chemicals in food and consumer products. You just have the acne on your chest and back? Thats different than on your face. I would say be happy that its limited to your back and chest.

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The sun does not help acne, trust me.

If anything it was probably the sun which helped make your acne worse - I know always got horrendous break outs a few weeks after any sizeable sun exposure.

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