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you really shouldnt smoke or drink on accutane. (shouldnt smoke at all). Out of the two its probably worse to drink though.

Im sorry youre feeling so crap. Acne sucks but I hope you will be cured at the end. It doesnt make you a bad person.

Try to find something you like to de-stress whether its music, reading, walking hanging out with your friends...whatever. Easier said than done. This might be a good time to find a project or interest for you to keep your mind busy.

And accutane can cause depressive feelings so its not all just you.

Youre not alone, everyone on these boards has felt really bad or we wouldnt be here

Peace to you .

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The reason you are advised not to drink is because your liver is already getting a good workout from the isotretinion. Aside from the obvious health implications associated with smoking, I don't see why smoking whilst on accutane would be any worse than usual.

People I know who have tried to quit say that drinking alcohol triggers them to want to smoke, not just the effect of alcohol but the familiar setting of standing outside a pub with other friends who smoke. So if you are giving up alcohol for the duration of your course then perhaps now could be an easier time to give up smoking also.

I don't understand the 'I would quit if I wanted to' point of view, if you could instantly remove your nicotine addition with no effort or willpower required would you not do so? I know quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do though, apparently its similar to trying to quit some class A substances.

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