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Almost Halfway Through Accutane Treatment

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Hi, I haven't posted very much, so I will go ahead and give an account of my accutane treament so far.

I am almost to my 3-month mark on Accutane. It is going very well. I am 23 and have had mild to moderate acne since I was about 15 or so. Actually back then it was pretty severe. And since I've been 18 it's always been mild to moderate. I would ususally wake up with a zit or two, and every three or four months or so I would breakout pretty bad.

Since the start of my treatment I broke out a little bit in my third week, nothing really bad. Since then I can remember one tiny little pimple on my chin...that's it. It's going very well. This has made me realize how stressed out about having acne I was, and how unhappy I could be about myself in the past. I still don't have the best complextion because of all the years of acne, but I plan to do something like laser resurfacing next year.

My side effects are no big deal at all. Yes I have dry lips, but nothing that lip moisturizer can't help. I do have very scaly, dry skin on all of my arms, but I have started to exfoliate and moisturize (the body shop is wonderful). Again, nothing to cry home about.

I am very happy how things have been going and I am very optomistic about the final outcome. No one deserves to live with this so I'm glad that something can be done about it. Good luck to everyone with their treatments or regimens. I hope that everyone can be happy with the people they are first, and then tackle their acne problem; not the other way around.

I'll keep ya' posted.

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I'm at the same point into my treatment that you are. 3 months.

Unfortunatly I'm having a pretty tough time. My stomach and back are very sore. Somedays I feel like I'm not going to be able to finish the whole course. My skin is looking better but my body aches all over.

I'm glad to hear you're doing alright. I just hope I can tough it out and finish.

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