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Accutane initial breakout.

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OK...since I'm going to start my Accutane treatment in a few days, I've been recently thinking of some way to prepare myself emotionally for the initial breakout, which can be quite severe, according to some FAQs and journals. And today, a nice 'thinking pattern' came to my mind, and I find it nice enough to share it with all of you who are preparing to go on Accutane. It goes like this:


Step1: You must make an assumption that after the treatment, you will have clear skin. The efficiency of Accutane is so high that you can take the 'clear skin after treatment' picture as guaranteed.

Step2: There is an important question: Why the initial breakout (and acne generally) is so bad? The very obvious, yet the most correct answer is: Because it makes your appearance poor in front of the people you meet. So this is the problem: people.

Step3: You can divide all the people you meet into two groups:

a) The people you know.

cool.gif The people you don't know.

Step3a: The people you don't know.

During the initial breakout, you look bad. The people you meet can look at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. They can make comments about your appearance. They can do many other things that can make you feel down. But (and it's a BUTTTTTT bigger than J-Lo's) you will most likely never meet those people again (if we're talking about people you meet in the streets, buses, trains, shops etc.) or you will most likely never have to interact with those people personally on a level deeper than an exchange of a few words (if we're talking about people you meet at school or near the place you live or wherever you hang around on a regular basis), so this unpleasant behaviour of other people has no real impact on your life! He/she will forget about you, and you should forget about him/her. What people you don't know think about you shouldn't bother you at all, cause it can't actually harm you in any way.

Step3b: The people you know.

The people you know can do all the bad things as the people you don't know. But this is a great way to find out who is your true friend and who's not. Those who pass the trial of supporting you in your low days (the initial breakout, in your case), are the people who are worth your attention when the treatment is over and you look great. On the other hand, the fuckers who make fun of you because of your bad skin in the first weeks of Accutane, will be the ones that you'll crush a few months later! Remember: after the treatment, you will look great! You will rule! You will be the one laughing at the idiots who were laughing at you earlier! It's just a matter of time! (A quite short time, actually - what are a few months of struggle compared to many years of glory that will come just after?)

So, to summarize Step3:

3a) Fuck the people you don't know, since they have no real influence on your life.

3b) Think of the initial breakout as an ultimate trial for the people you know - it will show you who is your loyal ally and who's just a piece of shit that isn't worth any attention from you.

And remember: One day, you will wake up, look in the mirror and say: "A very long torment has ended. I can finally live to the full extent and make fun of the morons who were laughing at me in the past. Days of power and glory await me now. Thank you so much, Accutane."


I know that what I wrote sounds kinda funny. But I like it very much and I'll stick to it during all the time of my Accutane_Initial_Breakout. If there is a single man who will feel better, or even start using my way of thinking, after reading this post, then it was definetily worth writing.

Good luck to all Accutane users smile.gif

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I'm going through the initial breakout right now (Day 13) and it definitely sucks. When I walk around I think people must be feeling very sorry for me. My friends who don't know I'm on the drug probably think I must be going through a very stressful junk-food laden time. I keep telling myself "Just wait until they see the contrast in a few months!!"

The only thing that scares me is the thought it won't work...or won't work for very long. That thought on top of having a face that looks like this is enough to bum anyone out. unsure.gif

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