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Can anyone recommend treatments in the UK?

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I have been reading through the posts looking for Surgery's in the UK, sorry if I missed any information already posted but I really need help. It would be great to have some recommendations of good doctors and treatments etc.

I have acne scarring on my face, jawline and neck. The scars on my face have mostly faded except for larger deeper scars. The scars on my jawline and neck are large pitted scars and are clearly more visible. I dont know wether these would be considered ice pick scarring or a different type.

If theres anyone who could please recommend a treatment or surgery in the UK, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou for your time.

Yours Sincerely


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Hi, as far as I am aware, the current treatments available in the UK are:

Skin Needling - Julie Arnold, Bio2 Clinic, Leamington Spa - www.bio2clinic.com

- Dawn Cragg, London - www.dawn-cragg.com

Works well for ice picks, boxcars and rolling scars. Costs around £500 for a course of treatments.

Subcision - Dr Chu - hammersmith Hospital, London. (get a referral to him from your GP and you can get the treatment for free on the NHS)

works well for rolling scars

Punch Excision - again, Dr Chu - works well for ice pick scars

Isolagen - Dr Chu again - costs around £2,000 (you can't get this done on the NHS. Some success has been reported with rolling scars.

Smoothbeam - at a number of laser clinics around the country. Eg: Dr Lannegan in Birmingham. Typical cost is around £500 -£1,000 for a course of treatments.

Co2 Laser - again, at laser clinics. However, I would not recommend this form of treatment for you from what I know of it.

N-Lite - Again with Dr Chu - usually combined with subcision.

Dermabrasion - Dundee Hospital - if I were you I would look into plenty of other treatments before thinking of dermabrasion, as it is a very serious procedure - I'll provide contact details for it if you decide you want to do it after doing some reading up on it!

For more information on the above treatments, please check out the FAQ - you want to be as knowledgable as possible before getting a consultation with any of the people mentioned (so you can understand what they are talking about and won't be going into anything blindly)

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