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My skin is coming off?

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Im using bezoylperoxide 10 % pch almost everyday and i have a 2 month minocycline regimen. But when I woke up this morning i felt a part of my skin so dry and like cracking. I put some caledulan creme on it to undo the extreme dryout. just now i looked and there's pieces skin cominng of.( really thin though) Genntly i Pulled the old skin and there's a white skin underneath, so beautiful no zit on it. Now the skin came off like 1 square inch, and it's obviously more white than then the rest of my skincolor. Probably due to 2 months of a lot of sun(tanning).

What is happening here? Is this good cuz it looks kinda stupid a white spot of 1 squre inch, should i call my derm or is this good my old skin coming off?

IS this normal help me out plz

Please help unsure.gif

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Ah ha! There's your reason! You should NEVER start off with 10% always begin with 2.5%. It also depends on how much you put on, cause if you put on a large amount, of course your skin is going to be peeling off like an orange! Anyway, I would advise that you switch down to a lower concentration of BP, like 2.5%, but before you start using it again, give your skin a few days or however long it takes to settle down.

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bad idea starting with 10% bp, i was on 2.5% bp for atleast 3 months b4 i switched to 10% and my skin STILL burns a lil putting 10% on now.

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Guest Tracy

I'd suggest that you do not pull the skin off. Let it fall off on it's own and simply moisturize.

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I'm having the same problem. I'd been using benzoyl peroxide 4% for almost a year in the mornings only and nowhere near as much as is recommended in the regimin... so when I started I started with the full amount Dan uses in the video. First couple days I saw ridiculously huge improvements... but then my face turned red and started to feel tight... exactly like sunburn. (I had also just started playing tennis again so I was getting alot of sun exposure... tried to prevent any problems by using a spf 30 titanium dioxide sunscreen). Now its cracking and peeling... exactly as if it were sunburn. So I'm gonna take a couple days off to heal. Hopefully that won't make me break out really badly.

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