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Ryan Valmont

To have cereal without milk?,and calcium problem!

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Ok i want to cut out dairy from my diet 100%,problem is,i only have cereal in the morning and can't think of an alternative to eating cereal.

I only get like 10-15mins in the morning before i goto work...also with cutting dairy out of my diet,won't my teeth suffer from the lack of calcium?.

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Guest Captain Chaos

Try Goat's milk, it's a good dairy alternative...failing that go for soya milk..

If you don't wanna try those, try muesli with water on (its a bit like dog food but it could be worse)

Or make porridge with water.

Or you could just have fresh fruit.. smile.gif

Or if you want to be a yank have some pop tarts or donuts. (hehe)

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Guest Scorpioness

Greens contain calcium (Kale, spinach, collards, barley grass, etc.). If you have enough greens in other parts of the day, then have fruit and maybe eggs for breakfast. Eggs contain calcium also. You can also drink orange juice enriched with calcium.

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Guest Captain Chaos
I guess i'll have a look at some alternatives.

If you get goats milk make sure you get semi-skimmed though the full fat stuff is pretty wretched.

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Ok, for cereal use almond milk. For calcium eat greens like scorpion said and also sesame seeds are high in calcium. Try eating raw tahani, which is sesame seeds ground into a sesame seed butter. Im not going to get into why soy is bad for acne, but do not drink soy milk. Almond milk is teh best milk substitue, 2nd is rice milk. Check out a health food store.

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