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scar removal in london

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hiya, i live in london. and i have a chicken pox scar. and i was wondering if anyone can recommend someone i should see?

its like a pitted scar. i've tried TCA but to no avail...

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Dr Chu is based at Hammersmith Hosital in London

You can make an appointment to have a consultation with him on the following numbers:

020 8383 3264

020 8383 1398

A consultation costs £165

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Or....you can get treatment from him on the NHS if you are referred to him via your GP. (be aware that waiting lists are typically 6 months)

Other people you could look up:

Dawn Cragg - she practices skin needling, which can help improve ice picks and 'chicken pox' type scars (boxcars). She comes very highly recommended - her website: www.dawn-cragg.com

Julie Arnold - again, practices skin needling along with microdermabrasion and intense pulsed light treatment. I can't find the contact details I had for her at the minute, but a website through which you can get in touch with her is www.bio2clinic.com. She practices at Harley Street, London or in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

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Hi Miss Shady

- I spoke to Maya yesterday but I can't remember if it was then that she said about the NHS. It was on absoluteacneinfo.com so I'll have a check, but I THINK she said you can still get it done...

I hope so, as that's my planned course of action! Although, subcision on its own isn't too expensive I guess. I'll get back to you.

PS I didn't get chance to read that second PM you sent me before the boards got rebooted and I lost all my PMs. sad.gif If it was important, could you send it again if you can remember? smile.gif

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Hi, the PM wasnt important, it was just to let you know that i get my Salicylic acid from Richard at Loganwoodskincare.com, as appose to the place you thought that i bought mine from (which i cant even remember where that was eusa_think.gif haha)

Yeah anway.... can you please get back to me when you find out from Maya if whether or not Dr Chu does perform scar revision on NHS patients. As i'm pretty sure that is was Maya who told me he didnt, although i could be wrong.

Thanks biggrin.gif

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Yes,Dr chu still does treatment on the nhs at the Hammersmith hospital,london.

I have just had a letter from him (2 weeks ago)stating that he would see me for acne scar treatment and i am waiting for an appointment,i will contact him tomorrow to see what is happening.

I was told by is secretary that the nhs waiting list is only a few months,is private waiting list is longer.

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Thanks Sam! Still i dare say i'll still have to go private with him, as i stay in Scotland, and there's no way my GP will refer me to a derm in England. Pitty though sad.gif . I could save a fortune!

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HI I have amongst every type of acne scar, a thick lump of raised scar tissue on my face which is very large. Excision would only make this worse and any kind of peel would be ineffective due to the size of the scar.

would dr. Chu be able to help me?

I have heard about Isolagen treatment which some people confuse with a filler, it is expensive but after time it supposedly repairs the damaged skin (scars) to the condition it was meant to be. Which i hope, would include flattening out raised scars. In medical trials in the US, isolagen was used on severe burns victims with great success apparently, and burns victims tend to have extensive and severe areas of raised scar tissue.

I really need to know if this treatment would benefit me, my doctor and two derms told me they could not help. They were on NHS.

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In order to see Dr Tony Chu you HAVE to get a referral from your GP, who ever it was that told me you could just make an appointment over the fone, and it would cost you £165, doesnt know shit! and his waiting list to see him is fully booked until the middle of March! I called up his secratery today, and told me to get my docotor to refer me! AAARGH!! so anyway, i called my doc, and he said he will write a letter of referral, but i had to pay him £14.50 for admin costs. I hope to hell i get an appointment no later than April of next year.
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I hope it turns out alright for you, Shady. eusa_pray.gifsmile.gif

Geordie - I am pretty certain that Dr Chu does NOT perform Isolagen on the NHS. For some reason, he performs all his other treatments on the NHS but not Isolagen. I think it's some complication with Isolagen not being classified properly yet. So you'll have to pay privately for that, I think. I expect you could still get your consultation on the NHS though, saving over £150.

Good luck.

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