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Hello Can You Please Tell Me How Bad Is My Acne .. From 1-10

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hi everyone .. i am new here .. it took me a while to know how to start a topic hehee

i am 16 years old i live in Amman Jordan .. i had acne for a whole year or maybe abit more .. not bad .. but noticablee

so i read on the internet about how diet has some effects on it .. so i cut out diary and junk food and sugars .. altought i eat one chocolate bar a day . i dont see it effecting me now .. after i cut out the foods that cause acne i am feeling alot better and my skin is 80% better than it was before .. and also summer started .. i think my skin is definetly better in summer ..

here is my program i wake up at school .. drink a cup of fresh of lemon juice and then eat a green apple ..

and for lunch well .. mostly healthy food like spinach or beans or these kinds .. with brown rice and brown bread of course haha

and in evening i eat alot of turkey meat sandwiches with lettuce .. and apples .. basicaly i eat healthy now

here is a pic of my face and please tell me what u think and sorry for my bad english hehe

i know my acne is not bad but i just want ur opinion post-169446-0-81524500-1335310634_thumb.post-169446-0-10391600-1335310641_thumb.post-169446-0-35049800-1335310649_thumb. and girls please lol .. i am shy to ask but what do u guys or girls think of my look in general .. please no bad comments thanks all




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man are you serious?

so many people on this website have faces covered in acne and are miserable because of it,

theres nothing wronge with your skin and thousands would kill to have that *Moderator edit - Read the board rules!*

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dude your acne is like 0.5 out of 10 lol be happy bro

Yupppp !!!

To me it looks like you dont even have acne, u just need a spot treatment crap every once in awhile, give meee a break !!! :P u look great

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