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Continuing Differin W/o Antibiotics?

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hey guys,

Ive been on differin for 7 weeks and tetralysal for 8 weeks.

I've just finished my prescription for the tetralysal today ( 2 months) and i'm worried that i may start to breakout as a result of stopping it?

ive had great improvement over the last week, definitely things are starting to clear up (albeit slowly), and i don't want to go back to square one by coming off the tetralysal....

Was the antibiotic just to calm the IB, or should i get another prescription? i'm not due to see my derm for another month. i have plenty of differin to keep me going for the meantime.

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I was an antibiotic for 3 months, and then Differin + Tetralysal for 3 months. Stopped the antibiotics, also concerned about the same thing.

I reckon it was for the IB

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well ive stopped the anti-biotics for a week, at first not much happened. it seems though i may be breaking out again... and quite badly. I may have to get more tetralysal after all.

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I would get another month or two Tetralysal because it's a relatively lightweight antibiotic. I had a few small bumps on my chin for about two weeks - when my course for the Tetralysal finished they turned into full on pimples.

I started a natural antibiotic course and I take Omega 3 and 6 tablets as well now. Will stick with Differin until June

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It took me 2 months to break out after I came off minocycline (another antibiotic)...and I broke out after being on differin for 15 or so weeks...it wasn't a bad break out because of the differin but the effect of the minocycline would only allow me to have 1-2 or 3 or so pimples on my face at a time but when I came off it after 2 months it was a whole different story but i don't know maybe because I did a detox which had disturbed the bacteria in my skin which was made dormant due to the antibiotic which made it active(bacteria becomes dormant (incase you did not know) as a way to survive in our skin to resist the antibiotic, because when it is active it is an easy target by the antibiotic)...and the bacteria came through my skin during the detox instead of the colon (because it was an emergency detox) ..so just don't detox and hopefully youll be alright :)

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