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Claravis 80Mg/day- Currently On Day 74. 18-Male

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So, before I started, I was really scared because I've read so many bad reviews with horrible side effects. But I've only had dry/flaky skin, more severe dandruff than normal, a bloody nose here and there (only at night though?), extremely dry lips, and an extremely dry other end... I don't have any pictures from the initial breakout. It was pretty terrifying. It started with my chin, and now it's on my forehead. But overall my face is worse than before I started, but better than my IB! I've been on Proactiv, Solodyn, Doxycyclin, Minocyclin, Clearasil, AcneFree, Retin-A, Duac, you name it. So I can't wait to finally be clear for college in August! I've been using Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types for face wash (I try for morning and night, but a lot of times it ends up just being in the morning), aquaphor for my lips, and Cetaphil lotion in the morning for my face and my arms. I'm thinking of switching to CeraVe lotion for my face, it seems nicer for some reason. It's all so expensive though! It's nice to have to apply lotion rather than wiping the oil off my face!

Day 1:



In the light blue shirt^ Day 74

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Good progress man! I'm also on 80mg and I'm right behind you. I have pics of my back on the Accutane Logs under Beginning To 3rd Month. I'm happy so far with the results. The first month was 40 and it didn't do shit so I'm glad the 80 is working. Congrats on the progress and hope to see you posting post pics.

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