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What Are Flakes!? Week 2, I Have Them Bad, But What Actually Are They?

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Hey guys one quick question!

The regime is doing great so far, middle of week 2, so much clearer than before :D

Today however I noticed I have flaking very bad in my sensitive areas! :( (Looks gross, but id much rather flakes that acne)

So what are these flakes, are they dead skin that has peeled off? Can this skin clog your pores?


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They can't clog your pores, it's just dead skin since the BP makes your skin so dry, it peels. This term is usually called "flaking". It's pretty harmless, nothing a few drops of jojoba oil won't be able to fix.

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Hey there... They are just dead skin cells, however they may clog your pores if you have a lot of them... Sorry but everyone's skin is different... For me, excessive flaking did cause further breakouts due to exceedingly dry skin... What helped for me was to gently rub my skin in a circular motion to remove some of the flaking... If you notice that you tend to break out because of the dryness, try that method once in a while and it will help... However, the severe flaking should subside in a couple of weeks when the BP starts to take full effect... Good luck and don't get discouraged, the next few weeks may be rough but there is light at the end of the tunnel... :)

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