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Help! Break Out When You Run Out

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I was noticing that my acne.org moisturizer was getting lighter and lighter everyday, and just today I realized that I had barely any left!! I'm ordering some more soon, but what should I do if I happen to run out of the moisturizer? PLEASE respond! I'm loving my clear skin too much to ever go back to acne!

PS. the regimen is working WONDERS! All though I am extremely worried that I will run out of moisturizer :"( please help!

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Not moisturising for a few days won't matter to much. If it was for a 4 days or more yes it would be bad because you might break out because your face becomes so dry, that the body kicks in overdrive to produce oil to lubricate the skin.

If it's only for a few days and you can't get your hands on some don't worry. The only detrimental affect it will have is that your face will be SO dry.

Good luck :)

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On the contrary Macqwerty, not moisturizing can set you back a few weeks on DKR... Moisturizing is absolutely essential when using the regimen as BP does create free radicals on the skins surface which can cause immense damage to the skin .. Also, you are just introducing unnecessary irritation from excessive dryness which WILL cause further breakouts from excessive sebum oil production... As asburypark 101 said, try using Cetaphil Dry Moisturizer, as it is the closest to Dan's moisturizer you can get in the drug stores until you get your new regimen kit... Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress...

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