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Benji Lee

Hey I Have 3 Cyst On My Face And I Would Like To Know The Best Way To Shrik Them ,,please Help?

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hey Everybody my names Ben and i'm from Adelaide

i currently have three cyst on my face


and i have book an appointment for the dermatologist and and i cannot get an appointment till the1 5/5/12

also i went into the emergency department as i have been to 3 doctors regarding it and none of them could help because they say i would have to be sedated is there any way i can shrink it because i gave school coming back in a week And it is quite embarrassing if there is anything i could do from home please help becuase i know im not aloud to POP it because it will only make it worse it suck!! I dont even like leaving the house with em

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what i would do is call every derm in the area and see if somebody can fit you in. tell them you need cortisone shots for some large size cysts. i bet you will find somebody that can get you in tommorrow or friday. good luck.

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Try taking a really hot shower so the steam loosens and opens them up and maybe they will drain on their own or atleast come to the surface.

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I used to get those so bad before starting Accutane :( I feel your pain. I had too many all interconnected so if one ruptured it would just refill. Eventually infection took over and I had to use antibiotics before going on Accutane.

I used a hot compress. Basically, take either a wet cloth or paper towel and heat it up in the microwave or boil water. When it isn't too hot to touch then place it on your face for as long as it is hot. I did this a LOT when I had a couple that would rupture. It helped it heal so much faster than they did before I figured this out. You're supposed to do it for 15 minutes but I did as long as I felt necessary and as often as necessary.

If pain is a problem use ibuprofen. The pain is caused from imflammation and ibuprofen will help.

I don't miss those days with cysts that large.

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