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About To Start Using Bp, Any Hints/tips?

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I live in a small town so it's been hard to find BP anywhere so until I got some I've been using:

Clean and clear face wash (oil free)

Clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream (in place of BP)

clean and clear dual action moisturiser (oil free) afterwards

I've also been sleeping on a clean towel every night, taking my make up off straight after work instead of before bed so my skin can breathe a bit and tried really hard to stop picking.

I've only been doing it, must be about 2 weeks now but there's such a difference! All my spots have flattened and are just dark marks now, a few small ones on my chin but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I've even changed my make up routine so that I'm wearing less make up now and it still manages to cover the marks, I'm pretty chuffed :)

So my question is about BP really. I've managed to get some PanOxyl 2.5% in the gel as I was told that was better. But I've read on here different things. The packet says to use it once a day, the regimen says day and night, and on here I've seen that it's so strong I should use it once every 3 days.

Obviously whatever I've been doing has been going well but I don't just want to get rid of these spots I want to prevent future ones too. What do you guys think?

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for acne marks take azelic acid 20% and hydrocortisone 1% take small amaount in your hand pea size both of them and apply to your whole face u will get over your marks in 2weeks best of luck

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I definitely recommend you get Dans BP. Its the best you can find, and so easy to put on.

As far as the applications, you should start once a day with a pea sized amount. Trust me it will dry you out if you start with too much. ( I learned the hard way and had to restart) Then work your way up to twice a day and increasing the amount of BP in the course of 4 weeks, or more if you feel too dry.

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If your acne isn't that bad I would definitely avoid starting to use BP. It takes weeks/months for your skin to get use to it with side effects such as redness/dryness/irritating/peeling. It also causes red marks from previous spots to linger for two/three weeks longer to fade.

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