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How long till u oil glands came down?

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I never had oily skin up to late 15-16 years old. NEVER EVER EVER, and i never had any acne barely n e pimples and then it got severe when i went mid 16-17. What this tell's me is that it's hormonal. Now i went on accutane and i've been clear for nearly 4 months off accutane. The only problem i have now is that the oil came back (really fuks everything up). I just wanna know if their is anyone on these forums who got to an age or end of puberty when the oily T-zone or what not just suddenly fanished and u felt normal again. Don't get me wrong their r pros and cons to puberty seeing as that i've now shot up to nearly 6'2 and are taller then anyone i know, my body is still growing, facial hair is mid-way through just patches of thick dark hair on my cheeks now but the go-tee is coming in great! biggrin.gif I've heard 18 years old , is their anyone on these boards who just hit an age and it suddenly stopped?!

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Guest Captain Chaos

I'm 20, still got very oily skin, still got acne too!

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You aren't going to get a good responce here, buddy. Most people here have late teen acne/adult acne.

Generally people who have acne around the ages of 16-18 get out of it by 20-24... and I'm guessing "oily skin" is part of that.

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I'm 20 and I still have both oily skin and acne. My acne was like at its peak when I was 18. I heard a theory that if you had acne since mid teens, oil production slows down in your early 20's and mid 20's and so does the acne.

I think what GeneCosta1 said is basically true. We're probably going to outgrow acne by age 25, 26, 27 or earlier. But the fact of the matter is, don't wait that long just to see if you are going to outgrow it or not by a certain age. I did that for a long time and it hasn't helped me one bit. It just made my acne worse.

I'm now at university and I hardly ever go to lessons/lectures cos of my acne. I've struggled to settle in to uni full stop all cos of my acne and socially my lifes a disaster.

Anyway, if you really wanna find out when the oily skin stops; ask your parents. If YOU have acne then its very likely that either one of your parents had acne or both of them did. I asked my dad and he outgrew his acne at 25 years old. At least it'll give you some idea of when to expect your body to naturally stop producing oil/reacting with acne bacteria.

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