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Residual Redness

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Hey, just a question. I have no active pimples but I still have red spots all over my face where they used to be. Some have been there since last year. I don't remember having the redness for so long before.

How long does it usually take for that to go away? Will it go away or can scarring be a red pigmentation? It would be sooooo nice not to have to wear make up now that I have no active pimples, but I feel like I have to to hide the red.

Thanks :-)

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I wonder if retin A would help that after accutane? I start mine soon, and I'm excited. I know retin A gave my face hell....but it clears up spots nicely. So maybe since there's nothing to "push out", retin A could be the spot removing, and also awesome age fighting component you're looking for?

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Thanks Ann. I used retin A before I started on accutane, which was only a month ago.

I was also thinking about maybe trying rosehip oil on the spots at night, but I'm not sure my face is dry enough yet for that.

Good luck for starting your treatment, it is very exciting!

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Oh wow! Only a month and you're all clear except for red marks? That's exciting! And I guess I am not sure what rosehip is?

But I have a question, did the retin A help you avoid an "IB" on accutane? Because retin A wreaked havoc on my skin. It's great for smoothing out the spots, but it gave me such a bad breakout I gotta try something better! I can't imagine any initial breakout being worse than what retin a does :\

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Well pretty much, luckily. One is still one its way out, is flat but still drying out. I am lucky but I am also on the birth control pill which may be helping to. I am actually only on 20mg at the moment, going up to 30 or 40 soon so may be a different story then! (I am quite little)

I only had a slight IB because my doctor (we don't have to see a derm) put me on antibiotics which I will be on for the first 2 months to avoid the breakout. So perhaps a combo on accutane, antibiotics and the pill is helping me.

You could maybe ask for the same thing? I think maybe its quite expensive for medication in America? I dunno its free for me to see the doctor here and $3 for prescriptions so I'm lucky in that regard.

Here is some info about rosehip oil http://www.trilogyproducts.com/product-info/ingredients/rosehip-oil

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I'm in the military and fortunately have amazing health insurance that covers everything 100%. I am so thankful for this too after reading about less fortunate people unable to access the great medical care I am provided.

I'm pretty small. About 120 lbs, 5'2". I got a but nervous about being thrown into 60. I'm thinking of talking him down to 40 to start! I have some prescribed antibiotics I quit taking cause I felt they weren't doing anything. Maybe I just wasn't giving them time. I think I'll continue them now and through accutane to keep the devil IB at bay! And I'm on yaz. I don't know what to think about it. It has definitely helped some lady parts grow, which I don't complain about...as for acne fighting purposes I am not sure how helpful it is.

I'm assuming everyone is different when going through this mess. But luckily we are some of the people who get the chance to benefit from accutane! Yay for us and (eventually) having clear skin.

I have seriously been annoying the crap out of my friends (who have perfect skin) with my gripes and complaints and worries about accutane and my skin issues. Of course they don't care. They don't have a single flaw to worry about. Jealous.

I will read about rosehip! I have a lot of red spots and I feel that retin A will be too harsh to continue on accutane. :P

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Thats awesome you get insurance! What do you do in the military?

I am 5'2 as well, weigh 51kg (which google tells me is 112lbs). I wonder why we are going to be on such different doses? Is your acne severe? Mine is not really severe (pictures on my first blog) but I am nearly 26 and this has been going on since I was 11. I hope to go up to 40mg though.

Definitely don't give up with the antibiotics, it takes time. How long did you try them for? haha yup I know what you mean about growing lady bits, same happened here and it was great! The pill I am on is especially for acne and hormone imbalance.

Yup excited about one day having clear skin. Although I wonder if its to late for a beautiful complexion haha

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I am a police officer in the Army. So I always have to see people and I feel so unprofessional with globs of make up on to hide the red marks/acne. :( I feel like people don't take me seriously.

It isn't severe. It's mild? No cysts, or nodules. Just red inflamed pimples >:( ew.

I am not sure why I am being put on such a high dose, but I'm also not complaining. I hear all the crappy stories about people's struggle to get accutane prescribed. I basically just asked and received! So I'm lucky. I feel the same as you :( I feel that while a clear complexion is possible....a "beautiful" complexion isn't possible. But it's better than what I have now :D so I'll take it.

I only tried the anti biotics for 2 months lol. I'm impatient! So I will start them now. I'm TERRIFIED of the initial breakout. Retin A seriously f'd me up. It was like a rash of little under the skin red bumps. I felt so ugly I actually cried about my skin for the first time.

I get married in November, but I refuse to get in a wedding dress like this. My acne goes down my neck and onto my chest :(

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Hey sorry about the late reply, have been super busy! I understand what you mean about unprofessional, I am studying speech and language pathology and have clinical placement in a hospital coming up and i want to look professional and confident.

How have you been going with antibiotics and retin A?

Don't worry I often cried about my skin and often feel ugly. Sometimes its hard to go to work I feel so embarrassed (I actually did once cry when I got there).

Don't be so scared on the IB, you might not get it, I didn't.

Congrats about the upcoming wedding, very exciting! :-) I understand though, hopefully (most likely) by then that acne will be no more.

I have been using rosehip oil morning and night. 2 or 3 drops before moisturiser and I really like it, makes my skin feel really smooth and nice. Def gonna stick with it and see if it reduces some of the redness :-)

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Don't you just hate how acne can mess with your life? It is horrible. I sometimes wonder why it even exists. It's like roaches. Ugly, gross, useless and when you find one, more are sure to come! >:(

I just don't wanna keep going with this hell. Retin A has helped with the few lines that stress has already given me. So I wanna use it after accutane but right now my skin needs to get clear before it scars. My pores seem really enlarged from all the "purging" that's been happening from retin a. Does accutane clear that up?

Also, when did you get your ipledge information? I haven't gotten an email but I've already had the first labs completed and now I'm waiting out my 1 month period before I get the actual drug itself. I have my little ipledge cards, but I can't log on without a password :( do I get it when I get the prescription or should I call my dermatologist?

Anywho, I think everyone is gorgeous :) acne or not!

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Yup it is really horrible! Retin A sounds good, I might try that after I finish accutane. I have noticed over the last few days that my pores are large and my pimples red and ugly (the old ones that aren't active), also I have a large one thats painfully drying out still.

I don't know anything about ipledge. Basically I went to my doctor, got advised I should take it, got blood tests and once they came back I started on accutane. We don't have to see a derm, just a GP.

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